Cornet Creek

Cornet Creek is a major drainage leading into the Town of Telluride at the very northern end of Aspen Street which is the start of a short trail leading up to Cornet Falls (10-20 minutes).  The falls are normally frozen over in the winter and leave an interesting base of ice in the spring time.  It’s possible to hike (bushwhack) it up to the top of the falls by scrambling up the scree field to the east of the falls … although caution is strongly advised as it’s a steep and rough route.  Likewise, it’s also possible to bushwhack it up up the creek in the Fall when the water level is low.  There are some very interesting rock formations midway to the upper basin.

Here’s a very short video clip of the scenery at the mouth of the upper basin of Cornet Creek.  The video was shot at the confluence of Cornet to the north and another water source flowing in from the east (Mendota Peak).   There is a fairly steep and rocky canyon wall which drops down to the eastern water source.  In fact, much of this upper basin contains very interesting rock formations.   It is accessible by taking the Jud Weibe trail from Oak Street (Tomboy Road).   After climbing the switchbacks above town and almost immediately after the trail levels out on a distinct bench, there’s a sign post indicating the Jud Weibe trail continues to the left.  Instead, continue straight on a wide trail.  It’s a relatively steep climb the rest of the way.  This trail actually continues up and over into Marshall Basin.