Bear Creek is one of the more accessible scenic areas in the Telluride area. A moderate 1.5 hike from town starts from a trailhead situated on the very southern end of Pine St. In terms of the “biggest easiest payoff” for a relatively moderate hike in the area, Bear Creek is at the top of the list. Likewise, it’s also a moderate mountain biking route.

For those willing to take their time, there are plenty of little (and big) nooks and crannies to be found the entire way up the main trail – with various trail stops and spurs leading in different directions. The actual drainage itself has various interesting rock formations which have been hammered out by the forces of water over thousands of years. Also serving as a main artery, one is able to venture up to the Wasatch trail above (and to the south of) Bear Creek Falls, Deertrail Basin to the east, and La Junta Basin (also to the east but south of Deertrail Basin) … the latter two house trails which ultimately connect to the Hans Blix Trail leading into the Town of Ophir.