Welcome to TelluridePhotos.net!  Inside you’ll find a collection of photos take in Telluride and the surrounding area on hikes, at festivals, on the ski area while snowboarding, and many other locations.   Photos have been categorized based upon the location the pictures were taken, although I have been contemplating creating a few galleries dedicated specifically to Lizard Head (and maybe the Ophir Needles) – which houses photos of such from all vantage points.

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All photos have been shot with a mid range point and shoot camera as of the end of 2013.  While it might have increased the quality and perspective of some shots to have used a professional a grade camera, actually being able to have a small portable camera which easily fits into a pocket comes in very handy while out and about in Telluride.  I call it “brute force” photography … be in enough locations at the right time and take enough pictures and there’s bound to be a few good ones which come out of the mix.  This is especially true for rainbows, sunsets, and interesting cloud formations.

All photos have recently been moved from an older web based gallery to a newer and different system.  It may take some time to organize all photos so as they’re in their proper place, but they’re all here and you’re welcome take a look around by clicking on any button above to view photos taken around the Telluride region or click on the “Blog” link to read about current events and such.