Ophir pass is a 4×4 jeep road which connects the Town of Ophir and Silverton.  It is the easiest (technically speaking) of the passes which connect Telluride to the Million Dollar Highway, but is still a narrow one lane road with substantial drop offs.  The road closes during the winter due to snow accumulation and is not plowed until late spring; typically opening in early June depending upon the amount of snow and avalanche danger from runouts above which might threaten the safety of plow drivers.  Photos of the also include some of the area leading up to the pass.

Beaver Ponds

On the eastern outskirts of “East Ophir” just off of the road – there are a series of ponds known as the “Beaver Ponds”.   Not sure of the exact number, but there are close to a dozen small ponds of various sizes which have been created by the busy work of these small creatures who make this niche their home.  Some of the ponds have have an orange color … which I believe is due to the water runoff passing through mine tailings which contain iron.