Pretty Lights In Telluride

I saw Pretty Lights at the Telluride Mountain Village Conference Center this weekend. It wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but it was still fun. Mostly a younger crowd, many of whom were visiting from out of town, I barely saw any of the usual locals suspects who see live music on a regular basis around town.   Speaking of which, there really hasn't been a lot of live music lately ... which is a shame given that many bands will visit Colorado mountain towns yet Telluride seems to get skipped a lot. I believe Pretty Lights is the only show which was booked at the conference center between now and the recently announced Leftover Salmon show on February 25, 2011 ... which you can still get tickets at:  

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Ophir Hill Climb

The annual Ophir Hill Climb took place this past Sunday morning at 10am on a beautiful fall day which felt more like summer and typically bodes well for those who ride their bikes.   The race begins in Old Ophir in front of the town hall and proceeds up to the top of Ophir Pass and back down to the finish line. The race is open to mountain bikers, runners, and of course dogs. Traditionally, when the weather is bad or there is snow on the course, the advantage goes to the runners; however, when there's a dry course, bikers tend to have the advantage. In addition to a dry course this year, much of the dirt road has been graded by the National Forest Service who have been doing a lot of…

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Telluride Wine Festival

The 2010 Telluride Wine Festival is the first year they put on a music segment on the big stage in Town Park. Jackie Greene headlined on Friday and I forgot the name of the headliner on Saturday (something like Kavorka), although the 2nd to last act (voitzen drizen or something like that) received good reviews. On the heels of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, music could be heard throughout the valley for a second weekend in a row. While I am a BIG fan of music in general, I have to admit that I was kind of annoyed at having to hike an hour on the Sneffels Highline trail to escape the booming sound of the bass and simply hear the sounds of birds and other wildlife. I did not officially attend the festival,…

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Telluride Phish Tickets and Powder Day

Today was day 42 for me, which was both a powder day and the when local's tix went on sale. I chose to suit up and wait in line and go snowboarding afterward. I think ther was only 4 new inches of fresh snow, so it wasn't exactly the biggest powder day in Telluride this ski season. The shot below was after getting to the home stretch for Phish tickets in Telluride. They required locals to actually line up and present proof of residency in order to purchased from the special allotment.  

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Papa Mali & Bill Kreutzman at Telluride Cajun Festival

Papa Mali & Bill Kreutzman played at the Telluride Cajun Festival last evening on main street. While it wasn't exactly a free concert on The Haight, you could still see the show from the sidewalk for free or from the patios of the various restaurants immediately next door.   They opened up with Bertha and played for well over two hours without a set break ... which included many extended jams, covering: I Know You Rider, Mr. Charlie, Lovelight, Death Don't Have Know Mercy (and upbeat Mississippi 1/2 step sounding version), and many others ... most of which were arranged in a new & extended manner.    

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