Winter Still Hanging on in Telluride: Photos Inside

It’s certainly not unheard of to receive snow in June in Telluride. In fact, I vividly recall receiving a 3 foot snowstorm on June 6th about 7 years ago and made a hike up the front side of the Telluride Ski Resort (starting in Telluride) and snowboarded down Milk Run. Normally, such storms are a one off; however, the recent dusting has been a part of a constant stream of moisture which has blanketed the area for the past month or so.

The photo above was taken on June 13th, near the bottom of Jane’s run in waterfall canyon in Ophir, Colorado. While we did have some some prior residual snowpack at higher elevations, you can still see the reminants of the dusting we received higher up at about 10,000ft.+ at dusk.

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