The Solstice In Telluride

I always consider the winter solstice a very pivotal mark in time. The longer days and more direct sunlight are much welcomed. You can see in the photo below (taken at about 2:50 MST), the sunlight is just barely visible on the upper portion of the building to the left:

In the middle of summer, you can be sitting on the bench in town and receiving direct sunlight well into the evening. While we’ll definitely see cold and snowy days well into May in Telluride (especially in Ophir), there’s something about having passed the winter solstice which makes me feel optimistic. For whatever reason, December 22 is somehow seems to be “moving forward” while December 20 it on a downslope. I suppose the trick is still being able to live each day to the fullest, regardless of this perceived trajectory.

Otherwise, I returned home from the Mayo clinic on Saturday … and learned I most likely do not have anything super scary regarding my health, but nonetheless have some issues to work through. All and all it is good news.

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