The Endless Winter In Telluride, Yet The Summer Solstice Approaches

It has been roughly a month and half since the lifts stopped running at the Telluride Ski Area, but old man winter has been very reluctant to release his grip. I think if it were a “wise woman winter” instead, she’d be much more forgiving!

While many a local resident have taken some time off to travel to warmer climates such as Moab, UT or even more tropical destinations, those of us who’ve stayed have simply had to grin and bear it you want to simply hang outdoors (although there’s still plenty of backcountry skiiing and snowboarding opportunities). Here’s a shot of main street in Telluride in between waves of sleet/snow:

Aside from possibly work for some folks, one popular indoor activity is visiting such as visiting the Wilkinson Public Library In Telluride, pictured below:

I’ve finally been able to update a graphical meter which measures the time from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice. Hopefully, with some spare time, I plan to update this to be much more robust.

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