Telluride Ski Resort: Upper See Forever Now Open

Saturday marked the day where lifts 5 & 6 were fired up and carried skiers to the top of lift 6 for a version of what is known as “going around the horn” with an egress for skiers and snowboards to make their way down the See Forever Ridgeline back down to the bottom lift 4. The terrain under lifts 5 and 6 are actually closed until we receive more snow, so it’s currently just a way to access Upper See Forever.

This actually helps tremendously to relieve some of the pressure created by a lot of skiers & snowboarders who are confined to a relatively small area … since it spreads people (of differing ability levels) out over more terrain. The top layer of snow is mostly man-made, but is actually of good quality and coverage.

I’ve continued my pursuit to try and learn to snowboard with a goofy stance for my second day on the mountain in Telluride. While it’s clear it’s going to be quite a challenge to attain the level of expertise and confidence I’ve been used to with a regular stance, I have made more progress & am at least feeling slightly more comfortable. Started to feel a pain in my left quad, which I take as a good sign in that I’m starting to achieve a better posture. I don’t know exactly what’s in store, but I can see that it’s going to be an incremental learning process whereby I will need to practice patience … but breakthroughs will happen. Having said that, I switched the bindings on my snowboard back to regular for my final ride down … since I was kind of stuck at the bottom of lift 6 when there were mechanical issues. I realize too, that it will help to ride regular a bit too … simply to experience the “correct” way in hopes I can mimic it on a goofy stance.

Otherwise, the word I kept hearing on the mountain is that many folks are upset regarding the whole charging for parking at the TMV parking structure.

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