Telluride Public Library: An Argument For Access To Information Being THE Primary Core Service

Regardless of how libraries have evolved, one might argue the primary and essential nature of a library is to “provide access to information”. According to

1 a : a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (as books, manuscripts, recordings, or films) are kept for use but not for sale

b : a collection of such materials

2 a : a collection resembling or suggesting a library

b : morgue 2

3 a : a series of related books issued by a publisher

b : a collection of publications on the same subject

4 : a collection of cloned DNA fragments that are maintained in a suitable cellular environment and that usually represent the genetic material of a particular organism or tissue

Information might be contained within: books, digital media, artwork, etc. … as well as within individuals (to be passed along verbally, artistically, demonstrably, etc.).

So it seems at the core, a library is a repository which provides access to information as the most primary level. As to the means by which such information is made available or conveyed might involve various venues or methods.

Is there a difference between the essential nature of being a repository and the methods by which information is conveyed? I believe there clearly exists a substantial difference. Independent access to raw information in the public domain is the definitive core foundation of the essential nature of a library – which differs in kind, not degree – with respect to the various methods of conveying information. More later on this difference.

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