Telluride Historical Museum

The weather was a excellent today in Telluride for a change, quite possibly the best day of 2010 in terms of summer like weather at about 70 degrees and mostly sunny.   I’ve loaded Ophir, Telluride, Durango, Montrose, and Grand Junction as presets on the default weather app on my iTouch and have noticed that Ophirs temps have typically been 4-6 degrees cooler than Telluride; however, it’s important to remember that Ophir is about 1000 feet higher in elevation.

There seemed to be more visitors in town last weekend, and I suspect there will be even more before this weekend if the nice weather   holds!  Of course the following weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, which is traditionally when the Telluride Mountain Film Festival takes place.

One spot visitors frequently go to is the Telluride Historical Museum pictured below:


Although I’ve lived in the area since 1995, this is a building I’ve never been inside, but would be very interested one day.  Apparently, this building was built in 1886 as a hospital.  Since it’s at the base of town off of Tomboy road, I’ve always envisioned miners frantically scrambling down that hillside just above the building to bring the bad news of an injury at one of the mines in the high country.