Telluride Airport (TEX) – June 27, 1997

I was digging through some old photos of Telluride and came across this one of the Telluride Airport (TEX), taken on June 27, 1997 with a very old Olympus digital camera. In fact, it was my first digital camera … which I believe had a 2/3 (that’s two thirds) megapixel sensor. The airport at Telluride has been a subject in the newspapers recently … since an intermediate renovation phase was recently completed.

I believe that after the third and final phase is complete, there will have been over $55 million spent on the project … which improves it’s FAA rating & allows a larger commercial aircraft to land at TEX (the airport in Telluride). It’s but one piece of what some view as a puzzle to “grow Telluride” by increasing capacity and market viability of the airport.

Personally, I find the issue of whether to fly into and out of Telluride anything but cut and dry. I used to drive for a shuttle company back in 1995 and made most of my compensation (commission) on diversions to Montrose. I’m fairly certain that technology has been implemented to improve the odds of not being diverted away from TEX, but mother nature is still nonetheless a worthy opponent. I’ve flown two times in the past few months and have flown out of Durango & Montrose … both times on regional jets to DIA. While I believe riding in these jets is far superior to the experience of being a passenger in a prop plane (they’re faster and can get above turbulent weather much greater ease), I do happen to think that when everything goes “right” flying into AND out of Telluride, it’s A LOT quicker & more convenient. However, I believe Montrose & Durango are safer bets (unless it’s just a complete blizzard).

In any case, I may start to post some old pictures which are decent in terms of the quality of content.

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