Recent Photos of Telluride

We’ve certainly had a mix of varied weather over the past month or so in Telluride. Over the past 10 days, it seems as if we’ve been in the middle of the monsoon season: it normally starts out clear and sunny in the mornings and clouds gradually build up and unleash rain and thunder throughout the day. There are often large windows of sunshine and a final burst in early evening which leads to a relatively clear sunset.

Took my first short hike up to Coronet Falls this spring and noted the newly constructed trail which includes a new route fairly close to the trailhead which includes a couple switchbacks through an area which has typically washed out in the past. The trail was technically closed at times last summer due to a more severe wash out of the old trail. I must say it’s now a bit easier egress. There was still some ice/snow at the bottom of the falls (as you can see looking out back toward the ski area) … which is impressive given that I believe it takes on mid-day sun exposure for at least a good few hours. In this other shot, you can see there’s still snow on some of the ski runs near the top of the Telluride Ski Area.

Below is a shot of Ajax Mountain to the east of the Town of Telluride. Taken near Telluride Town Park.

Telluride Jazz Celebration is scheduled to take place this coming weekend starting on Friday which hosts the main events in town park.

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