Recent Developments on Telluride Area RTA Proposal: Telluride Pulls Out

The Town of Telluride Town Council officially backed out of the proposed Regional Transportation authority measure and will not send the question to the voters in November – primarily citing issues related to uncertainty regarding the future funding of the Gondola – leaving the Telluride Mountain Village and San Miguel County as the lone two probable entities who have expressed an interest in participation. However, given the Town of Telluride’s recent move to pull out, it leaves the question of whether the RTA will be formed in the near future in question.

I was under the impression an RTA required at least two municipal entities to form an RTA, but I could be mistaken and San Miguel County’s participation could be sufficient. If so, it might open up other questions as to whether all municipalities need to put the question to a vote in order for their respective municipality to be excluded from the county’s purvue it it participates … since previously it only included unincorperated areas of SMC (which still might be the case).

As to the other municipal entities, my suspicion is they’ll all follow suit with Telluride and not waste the funds to put this to the voters if the region’s most populated area and economic engine has already opted out (for the time being).

Barring any unforeseen developments, my suspicion is the regional transportation committee will regroup and perhaps attempt to mediate discussions regarding the future funding of the gondola after the TMV’s current obligation expires in 2027. Personally, I think this should’ve been addressed from the get go – at least at some level of abstraction – since it’s simply too big of a “joker in the deck” for the Town of Telluride and other municipalities to be comfortable.

Another interesting aspect was raised by at least one member of Telluride Town Council: an RTA may pull tax dollars out of Telluride by facilitating a migration of employees out of town into outlying areas. I haven’t quite thought this one through yet, but it does seem to be a valid point. Give an inch, take a mile seems to be a common theme regarding political and development issues around the area. It might not happen overnight, but radical changes can occur over the course of time or even suddenly in the distant future. It’s not that hard to imagine the entire Shandoka complex being torn down and replaced with a high end hotel/resort … simply because alternative affordable housing has been created in Ames and elsewhere – linked into the RTA. Given the lift 7 proposals we heard under the Riley era, this is not a far fetched scenario. Luckily Telluride has been relatively good at mitigating encroachments upon the community over time, but entropy and time don’t seem to be on our side.

So, do the benefits outweigh the potential pitfalls? It’s a difficult question to answer.

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