Huge Storm Hits Telluride

“Huge Storm Hits Telluride” was a headline on the Telluride Ski Area’s website today. While not exactly false, it is somewhat misleading. I believe the total snowfall reported by the ski area over the past week has been 8″, of which 6″ of snowfall within the past 48 hours. We’ve seen two waves pass through the area, with a third poised to strike. Each of these waves have pummeled California with rain; however, we’ve yet to see any significant and much needed snow accumulation.

The 8″ certainly helps pack over the exposed rocks & tree limbs and sets up a nice “pre-layer” of snow to act as a padding for a big dump (I have my fingers crossed), but it’s only a minimal gain in so far as an improvement for snowboarding or skiing at Telluride.

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