Domain Name Registration Transfers & Network Solutions

I haven’t attempted to transfer a domain, let alone from Network Solutions, in quite some time. So, the advent of authorization codes (apparently in October of 2006) was a new experience for me. Basically, it’s necessary to unlock a domain and retreive authorization codes to allow a domain to be “released” from the current registrar. It’s an added security measure which adds another layer of protection. Seems logical enough given the problem of domain name hi-jacking.

It also seems logical for registrars to try and keep your business and pursuade you to stay with their service and not transfer. Network Solutions has taken this position to entirely new level; all 4 Network Solutions’ representatives I spoke with on the telephone asked me why I wanted to transfer the domain. I made the mistake of answering the first three time and finally realized it’s best to cirumvent the conversation on the fourth occassion. I realize they’re just doing their jobs, but at least one of the reps couldn’t take no for an answer and almost made me beg, plead, and apologize to get what I needed (instructions to obtain auth codes).

Moreover, I couldn’t find any information within Network Solutions’ help/support section detailing how to transfer a domain to another registrar.

I’m sure other registrars will scratch and claw to keep you within their realm too, but I can’t speak from experience yet on this count. What I do know is that leaving Network Solutions is akin to trying to find the exit or clock at a casino.

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