Two feet of snow in Telluride

Today was day 26 snowboarding at Telluride, but the fourth day in a row after we’ve been pounded with about 2 feet of fresh snow in as many days. It’s probably been the best run of days for the season as far as fresh powder goes. The shot above was taken at the top of Milk Run this afternoon. It was an interesting wall of snow/clouds to the east while sun was shining brightly on the actual ski run. I took a couple, the first of which I wound up getting roped in to the right of that fence (erected for the ski races which took place this past weekend) …. wound up snowboarding the trees between Milk Run and Pandora.

While I was snowboarding in Telluride, I missed the show back in Ophir: explosives set off what looked like about a half dozen avalanches as part of control work to mitigate danger from slides crossing the roads and such. In the photo below, you can see the machinery clearing the road from where the avalanche run-out had crossed it’s path. While the avalanche debris wasn’t too high, you can see the piles which the backhoe made were at least 10 feet tall.

I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss the day snowboarding in Telluride, but I was kind of disappointed in missing the avalanche control work … since it can be very spectacular event to witness. Here’s a YouTube clip of one take about two years ago:

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