Telluride Snowboarding: Still Going Goofy

Made it up for my third day this past Saturday & stuck with the Goofy stance. I definitely made a little more progress & actually found a bit of a rhythm in so far as linking turns. I did notice the following:

– I switched from my Burton Fish to the Burton Malolo, which made it a lot easier to hold an edge turning from toe-side to heel-side … didn’t want to wash out as much. I’ve realize the Fish is a very technically challenging board to ride correctly. While embraced as a design offering by Burton (and to some extent other manufactures), the pintail with aggressive side-cut design is still nonetheless a very small niche. It seems most manufactures have sought out the lowest common denominator in so far as making it easy to learn how to ride as quickly as possible, even though there’s a tradeoff in so far as not being conducive to the best possible posture.

– Was able to ride a neutral edge (where the board is flat on the snow) with more confidence.

– Was able to get off the lift a little easier

– Didn’t ride switch as much, only in high traffic narrow areas and where it was steeper.

– Found steep flat & icy spots to be difficult. It would probably help to learn the jump turn a little better and to incorporate just being able to stick an edge into the snow … and leave the perfect carve for later (but always try for it if possible). The jump turn or even a simple wash out turn which is under control will allow me to access more terrain & gain more confidence. The perfect carve will come in time.

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