Telluride Ski Resort Prices Yet To Be Released

We have yet to see the Telluride Ski & Golf Company release their rates for the 2009/2010 season for the Telluride Ski Area. All indications are that fees will probably remain the same if not increase slightly. Last year, an early bird season pass was priced at about $1,200 while a single day lift ticket was $92.

Of course, there are deals to be found on the internet and regional point of purchase special events which allow a discount on multiple day tickets. The key for any visitor is to plan well in advance and keep your eyes and ears open for specials online. Regionally, people might want to visit local ski swaps and such for those who live in Colorado and the southwest.

Unfortunately for local ski and snowboarding enthusiasts, as well as local employers, we don’t have much choice regarding season pass rates … unless the ski company unveils an entirely new and innovative pricing structure. However, I’m not banking on such an eventuality and am anticipating shelling out about $1,300 beans … at least that’s my guess as of today. Any “breaks” will simply amount to an extension of time to obtain the early bird rate (vs. the full fee of about $1,800) or possibly some payment plan or credit arrangement.

I’ll be first in line to publish a positive review of a new and creative pricing structure.

Anyhow, summer is fast approaching with the launch of Mountain Film Festival on Memorial Day weekend. The Telluride Jazz Celebration quickly follows in early June (5-7). However, if you’re able and willing to “earn your turns”, there are stilll tracks to be had up at higher elevations. The snow is a bit “dirty” from the tremendous dust storms we experienced in early-mid April, but it actually skis very well!

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