Telluride Ski Resort: Lift 9 Now Running

It’s always a good thing when lift 9 is running at the Telluride Ski Area!

I was able to get up for a few runs snowboarding this past Wednesday … which was the first day lift 9 was in operation. While not precisely fresh powder, the snow was nonetheless in excellent shape. It’s always nice to take a few laps on lower plunge without there being any bumps.

Here’s a shot of Kant Mak’m, taken about 50 yards above the reef (which is well covered):

I took another run down Mammoth Fingers to the Spiral Stairs. It was definitely a little sketchy in the trees, as I popped over a few fallen logs. I’d give it another 12″ or so before venturing in the trees.

It was really nice to get in a “real day” on the mountain (even if it was just four runs) before heading off to Rochester, MN to Mayo.

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