Telluride Ski Area Pizza Recommendation From A Local

Do not stop for a slice of pizza at the Crazy Elk in the Telluride Mountain Village, it is grossly overpriced in my opinion. A slice of cheese will set you back $4.50 and a veggie or meat slice will be a cool six bucks! I can’t remember the language used on the menu, but they called the slices “crazy big”. I haven’t been to NYC in a number of years, but not long enough to forget what an “average sized NYC slice” is proportioned & the Crazy Elk pizza slice is probably at least 20% less in size.

It’s actually not bad pizza, but it was infuriating to see that they’d raised the price to $6 for a slice. I had a strange feeling that I should ask how much it costs before actually requesting the item … since this particular restuarant (and whatever it was called over the years) has had wild fluctuations in their pricing for slices. In fact, they had eliminated slices altogether a couple years ago in favor of a “personal pie” which ran about $10-12. It’s a shame, because the TMV always seems to try and promote “vibrancy”, but I don’t think $6 slices is going to help matters on this front.

After the (very pleasant) cashier confirmed the prices, I politely told her that I don’t mean anything directed at her and proceeded to imitate the sound of a buzzer at a college basketball game and stated that it’s not happening … at least from me and smiled and wished her a pleasant day. She actually nodded in agreement with me as I left.

It’s a shame they try to put the squeeze on people like this.

Recommendations for pizza in Telluride:

Baked in Telluride ($3.99 for meat slice) … usually good, sometimes extremely good … and close to lift 8 and the Gondola

Brown Dog (around $3.50) … probably the most traditional in town (gluten free version too)

Telluride Bistro doesn’t have slices, but makes excellent brick oven pizza

Aemono Catering (Pacific st. across from Siam) makes excellent home made thin crust refrigerated pizzas to take and bake.