Telluride Ski Area Donation Day

So today is the unofficial opening day, otherwise known as “donation day” … which happens to be the first time in three years it has occurred. Traditionally, the official opening day of the Telluride Ski Resort is on the Thursday of Thanksgiving. In previous years, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was known as “donation day” & everyone was required to ante up a reduced fee for a single day lift ticket … with all of the proceeds to be donated to the Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club.

If the weather were better or the amount of terrain open were greater, I’d probably fork over the $25 and join in on the fun, but I can wait one more day (so too can my back).

The Telluride Ski Resort is reporting a 32″ base with 2″ new in the past 24 hours and 12″ over the past week. Not bad for Thanksgiving.

I had recently spoken with an Ophir neighbor who had just come down from an excursion in the backcountry on monday evening in waterfall canyon and said the snow as pretty good up high … confirming that there is close to 3 feet up top. Of course there is probably nowhere near 3 feet of snow at the base area; however, it is still good news to hear there’s a decent amount higher up. This situation normally entails that a good storm or two should bridge the gap and allow for much of the mountain to be opened up.

I will give a first hand account tomorrow & more on my switch to being “goofy”!

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