Telluride Ski Area Closed For Season

The photo above is of the Drew Emmitt Band taken during the last day of the season outside the Goronno Ranch at the Telluride Ski Area. The local band Joint Point closed out the season as well with a free show at the bottom of lift 8 in town which lasted until almost 8pm.

It was definitely a very good last day as far as last days go. There was still some fresh lines in the trees & the sun came out enough to keep temps in the upper 40’s … making for some soft slush in all the normal suspect areas. Most of lift 9 and revelation had great snow. I also took a hike up along the prospect ridge line just past Genevieve … the snow was actually a bit grabby … almost like frozen over wind loaded snow. Same goes for Gold Hill 9 which I took for the first time. The shot below was taken in the GH9 chute just after passing the choke.

Both Friday and Saturday were noticeably better … with a few inches of fresh snow received each day.

My season total turned out to be 44 days, which is about 50% of where I’m normally be at for a season … but I was extremely psyched to get in each and every one of those days!

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