Telluride Lift 8 to restart with next “big snow”

There might be some forward movement here on lift 8 – which is a good thing, but I’m still adamant the lift ought to be running full time. Apparently, Telski might open lift 8 in the mornings for “big storms” … although I’m a bit unclear as to how that is going to be defined?

For Telluride, a 5 inch powder day is a big day regarding it’s average snowfall in recent years, or at least it’s sufficient to get me to suit up and in line. Or, are they talking about 12″ sort of big days? We get them, but hardly a steady stream … so it’s hard to gauge the extent of this measure.

I understand this might have been difficult to even budge on in the first place, and might be considered a “compromise” of sorts … but it’s still comes short of what we expected to receive when we purchased a season’s pass and that I’ve come to know since 1994. I still believe they might be overlooking both value and utility of the lift to locals and visitors alike.

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