Spring Powder Day

Wasn’t quite sure what to call the 5″ overnight & 1″ yesterday we had received; on one hand, it’s definitely a notch above dust on crust, yet it’s also not quite an all out powder day. Nonetheless, it’s still a powder day.

With a herniated disc, my back isn’t very strong these days and is very suseptible to further injury. So, today was a day where I could normally use brute force to correct the typical surprises which invariably arise due to the hard underlayer when trying to get the most out of the powder-like conditions. However, my back simply can’t deal with getting totally thrown out of position. So, I called it quits after two runs … there was just too much temptation to try and push it into higher gear. Trying to think ahead to next season (and enjoying the summer).

Still, nice to be able to ride lift 9 under good circumstances this late in the season. Hopefully, we’ll get some bigger dumps to breath new life into what I call home base.

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