Snow Still Great on Prospect Ridge at Telluride Ski Area

Yesterday was day 13 of the season, still WAY behind my normal seasonal pace. I was hampered this past week by my satellite internet dish having gone on the blink & had to spend countless hours on the phone with tech support to get me setup with an authorized technician. I can’t begin to explain how convoluted this process was.

Regardless, I did get up for a couple hours on Friday; the highlight being a hike to run off the Prospect ridge line … although I’m not certain of the name. I’m looking up the map right now. OK, the “official Telluride Ski Resort Map” currently does not have this run listed; however, I believe it’s either the first or second run past (to the east of) Genevieve. The shot was taken after having snowboarded down a good 100 yards from where I initially dropped in after barely making it past the patrol who was closing that section of the Prospect ridge line. The hike up isn’t too bad, actually just enough to get your heart going. It’s difficult to ascertain the orientation of the run I just took, but from the perspective of the photo, the ski run goes back & to the left and on up. The snow on that first 100 yard shot was superb! I didn’t know what to expect, since that face is very rocky and could easily have been a nightmare. In stead, I was able to get in a good 20 great turns. Conditions deteriorated rapidly after making it past the cliff band / reef below.

You can barely make out the top of the Prospect Ski Lift terminal. Far offf in the distance, you can see the La Sal Mountains in Utah … which are being partially hidden by Bald Mountain (almost dead center in the photograph). I believe it’s “Whipple Mountain” (or at least it’s nearby the hiking trail named as such) just to there right of Bald Mountain … which is the old Last Dollar Pass route to Montrose (above the Telluride airport [TEX]).

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