Snow Reports (on Tellluride Ski and Golf Company’s website)

The snow reports on Telski’s website have generally been very accurate this year; however, their website does not include a timestamp associated with the reports. Given the lack of a timestamp, and the fact that Telski will often increase the value under the “24 HRS” report during a storm cycle, it can be very difficult to accurately determine how much snow has fallen after the lifts have closed until the moment the lifts start running the following morning.

I know this might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes it could easily mean the difference between 2 inches and 6 inches … which might dictate the use of different equipment.

I believe the lack of a timestamp allows Telski to advertise the greatest snowfall values possible. In a very competitive market, it can be huge to have a report which reflects a 24hr period which rolls backwards and can be adjusted at any moment. For instance, an 8″ total @ 3pm in Telluride compared with Crested Butte’s website is only displaying 3″ (as reported at 6am vs. 3pm) might make it appear as if Telluride received more snow, but it’s possible Crested Butted may have received twice as much snow … yet wasn’t able to report it on the website until the following morning. Sometimes a potential visitors is on the cusp of making a decision to travel to one resort or another and such reports might tip the scales.

I applaud Telski for this competitive posture, but they really don’t need to conceal the timestamp at a cost of depriving locals (and current visitors) a consistant means of assessing the true state of affairs.

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