Ski Company Raises Season Pass Rates

Just received a newsletter from the ski company indicated a significant (by all metrics) rate increase on season passes in Telluride. The adult pass rates are as follows:

Early bird: $1,198
Regular: $1,850

The early bird rate represents an approximate increase of $200 from the previous rate of about $995 (20 percent increase).

The ski company announced an expansion via the implementation of the Revelation Bowl lift which drops from the Gold Hill ridgeline partially down into Bear Creek. Obviously, this sort of capital improvement would require a significant expenditure. One can only conjecture if the current season pass rate hike is a means to fund this capital improvement? Similarly, the removal of the auotmatic retro-bonus to employees at the end of the season last year is suspicious on this same count.

… just wanted to publish the facts and limited conjecture for the moment. More later …

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