Revelation Bowl at Telluride Ski Area


The shot above was taken from about 2/3 way down the Revelation Bowl lift area at Telluride yesterday. It was my ninth day out this season and 2nd after the new year. Of the nine days I’ve been out, most have been about 1-2 hrs with about 4-6 runs per day. Normally by now, I’d have about 30+ days on the mountain this season; however, with my health being the way it is, I’ve gotten off to a very slow start. Nonetheless, I consider myself very luck to simply suit up and make some turns!

“Revvy” as I heard someone refer to the revelation lift affectionately (which I will NEVER hold with), was actually in fairly decent shape. You can see there’s a natural drainage (actually two of them) which starts in the lower right hand portion of the photo (in the shade) and travels to the bottom left, then turns toward the lower ski lift terminal, which is a great natural shallow halfpipe to make some giant slalom turns. I was able to take a few zipper line turns mixed in with the GS turns.

While it was fun yesterday, last season my record was about 2 for 12 in terms of good days on the Revelation lift area. It is true that revelation receives a fair amount of wind loaded snow, but it is also a myth that said snow is well preserved and falls uniformly upon the terrain. I often find there to be variable drifting of snow within the moguls, which makes for a more difficult navigation early in the day … but progressively gets better as the snow is dispersed. Regardless of my opinion about how I think Revelation is overrated in terms of it’s terrain and snow profile, I do happen to believe it offers grand views and is worth the effort for anyone visiting who can navigate the terrain (which there are advanced intermediated groomed sections).

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