Powder Day In Telluride

Today was my 18th day snowboarding at the Telluride Ski Area. Although I’m well behind my normal annual pace of snowboarding at Telluride, I have been able to get out a bit more recently.

I believe the official 24hr snowfall total this morning was 6 inches of new snow (with a 48hr total of 9″); however, most people I spoke with (including myself) thought there was more like 7 or 8 inches of new snow at the higher elevations of the ski mountain. I have to give Telski credit this year for not exaggerating snowfall totals on their ski reports.

I basically took a few runs on 9, two on Revelation Bowl, and a couple on Gold Hill. While the turns were very soft at the top of the mountain, it was a bit firmer at lower and mid elevations … especially being felt moreso on steeper mogul runs. I really like the drains on days like today, almost a perfect pitch for the amount of snow we received.

The photo above is taken at the entrance of Gold Hill 1 … which was in great shape overall & the first dozen or so turns being superb! However, I kind of got cornered into a reef area and had to inch my way down / through a rocky cliff band on my butt. Same goes for some super sketchy / rocky initial few turns on Andy’s Gold after getting dumped out of Gold Hill 1. I took a nice slow motion fall on some stumps as I started down lower Gold Hill 1.5. If you shot a bullet in between the words “Gold” and “Hill” on the sign in the photo, it would basically land where I took the last photo about a week ago off of the prospect ridgline.

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