Powder Day At Telluride Ski Area

This past Sunday was my 12th day on the mountain and probably the best day I’ve had all season snowboarding at Telluride. The 11″ snow report was correct snow depth measurement, at least at the top of the Telluride Ski Area. Got 13th chair on lift 8 in the morning after lining up at about 8:45 in the powder line. Took a few runs on lift 9, then a couple on Gold Hill, and then finally two on Revelation Bowl … since I was there when they dropped the rope. I swear, if I hear one more person call it “Revvy”, I’m gonna throw up!

The photo above was a shot take partially down from the top of the ski run Electra on Gold Hill … yet still above the choke, which was closed off & you had to egress by skiing over to lower Dynamo. You can see the top of the lift 5 terminal off in distance.

The shot below was taken on the ski run Joint Point, just before taking the goat track through the trees and over to the top of Spiral Stairs.

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