Mountain In Decent Shape

I was up for a few runs yesterday and took advantage to surf the springtime slush. All-in-all, the mountain is doing fairly well at the end of March. There are a few noteable run closures:

– Stumper
– O’Reileys
– Sully’s Gully
– Apex Glade

I’m not sure of the status of lift 8 runs?

Of course, all of the above have signficant southern sun exposure and melt quick. I think there’s still a couple paths down Sully’s and O’Reileys, but they’re both far enough gone for patrol to call it at this point. Kind of funny though, there’s no ropes though … still, they’d be difficult lines at best. I think you can get in some decent lines on the lower portions of Apex if you traverse right past the old lift line (but not staying too high).

So, looks like Milk Run and Cookskin are the two remaining challenging springtime slush runs and are both doing fairly well … although Milk Run definitely has the advantage of having snow blown onto it early in the season.

I didn’t get up to lift 9 or Gold Hill, but it’s a safe bet from my last time out on Sat. that they’re both doing very well. Lifts 4 & 5 is also in good condition. Who knows about Prospect? Although I did hear about the new terrain opening up higher up the ridgeline.

Apparently there’s a system coming through, but we’d need a lot to cover up the exposed rocks and so forth. Although, I do believe there was second life breathed into the mountain late last season.

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