Milk Run at Telluride Ski Area

Yesterday was my 41st birthday and also was day 27 snowboarding at Telluride for the ski season. I believe it was my fifth day in a row, a record for a very slow paced year which has been plagued with health issues. Nonetheless, I consider myself lucky and happy to get up there when I have had the chance.

I took a close-up of the fence on skier’s right on Milk Run. While I respect ski racers and can certainly appreciate their skill and dedication, it is definitely not my bag. Maybe I might even excel at snowboarding (or even skiing) competitions; however, I can’t begin to describe the thrill of simply riding for it’s own sake. Free ride, free mountain.

Before Milk Run was hi-jacked and turned into a racing venue for a limited few, it was left ungroomed without enormous amounts of man made snow (and the energy to create & distribute it) … ultimately leaving an array of moguls which were tighter on skier’s right and much more spaced on skier’s left. The spring was when Milk Run clearly excelled: slushy hero bumps linked up with either a Stumper or Riley’s made for unparalleled laps in the sun!

I believe Coonskin offers a much better racing venue in so far as less sun exposure with a more constant fall line (or less of a double fall line vs. Milk Run). I realize there are logistics and sanctioning requirements involved, but it’s certainly a doable thing.

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