Looking At The Telluride Ski Area From Tomboy Road

I took a very short hike up on Tomboy road for a little while during the Bluegrass Festival, and took a look across the way at the Telluride Ski Area … and had a very difficult time looking across without getting all choked up inside.

I have spent 16 seasons snowboarding at Telluride and know the mountain, especially the front side into town, very very well. It is interesting to be able to look at the lift 9 pod from across the way and see the actual contours of the drainages which house both the named ski runs as well as the lesser known tree shots which funnel into the drainages. The sea refuses no river, and the river is where I am.

My back hasn’t been doing so well the past couple of winters, and I was down to about 44 days on the mountain from a normal average of about 85 days. I have really started to wonder how many years or days I have left?

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