Lift 9 Opens! More Snow On The Way!!!

The opening of lift nine is always the mark of the “start of the season” as far as I’m concerned. It was day seven of the season for me, but it’s really the first day I had some serious fun. That magical place I call “home” (lift 9) is now accessible, although one must ride chairs 4, 5, & 6 to get there … as it’s currently “orphaned” without the Telluride Trail open to enter or Cats’ paw or Easy Out to exit. Still, there’s great coverage up high … took two runs down Mammoth Fingers, Spiral Stairs is open, Log Pile is excellent at the top (but west drain is a bit sketchy).

So, rode regular today … couldn’t resist, it’s part of the plan anyhow. Probably ride regular again tomorrow … or as long as the new snow keeps coming. Apparently, southern California is getting hammered with rain at the moment. While this is a precarious situation for them (especially where the wild fires scorched the vegetation — leaving it susceptible to mud slides), it normally bodes well for us … since storms typically track east / north east from that point.

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