Lift 8 – Primary Lift From Telluride – Not Running All The Time

As of today and according to the Telluride Ski Area snow report page “Oak Street Lift (8) open daily from 9-11am”. Unfortunately for both locals and visitors alike, the situation regarding the operation of lift 8 has been precarious at best. At one point earlier in the ski season, Telski officials announced the closure of this base area lift from town as a cost saving measure (keep in mind single day adult lift tickets cost $106/day). The initial plan was to open up the lift again during peak seasonal influxes of visitor traffic such as President’s Day Weekend, Spring Break, etc.

However, after a major outcry and protests from locals and visitors who regularly use lift 8 as both a means to get to the top of the mountain via lift 9 or to have efficient access to the terrain which the lift services, Telski opted to “compromise” and run the lift during “big powder mornings” until 11am. There wasn’t any mention of how much snow would be required to prompt an opening of the lift, but apparently this was the case. I was out with a bad sinus infection for the entire month of February … so can’t comment on how that all played out.

I’m still not sure if there were any more recent developments in so far as keeping the lift open every day from 9-11am or if we simply happen to be in a peak traffic period?

I’ve done a quick survey of the ski reports and noticed that most still reflect 18/18 lifts in operation. I believe this is extremely misleading at the least and may border on false advertising. If Telski is going to run one of it’s primary base area lifts on an intermittent basis, I feel they ought to exercise due diligence in so far as publishing the most accurate set of information regarding the state of affairs … even if it requires them to contact several dozen “snow report” outlets to provide updated an current information.

For that matter, those of us who purchased season passes (about $1,100 early bird and if I’m not mistaken $1,800 regular season) were reasonably expecting all lifts to be in operation for the 2012/13 season. It’d be one thing if the lift were damaged beyond repair or some other issue beyond Telski’s control surfaced; however, this was a decision they made simply to save money (and “engery” lol). When a company such as Telski forces you to sign a legally binding contract to purchase a pass and waive liability, one might believe it’s a two way street and it’s reasonable to believe we ought to expect the same level of base operations the ski area has been employing by permit over the years. I don’t know if they simply don’t care or what their story is all about … but I for one would like to see them be held accountable.

Here’s a clip from 1/27/2013:

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