Lift 5 Runs Open Up Today!

Well, it appears I was wrong in my last post … since the ski area opened up several runs on the lift 5 including Palmyra! Might not seem like much when the season is in full swing, but it’s the best which has been opened so far. Not sure why they renamed the run to “Henry’s”?!? …. hopefully, it’s not a memorial!

In any case, I was definitely at the right place at the right time … had already done a lap on 5 (Dew Drop -> Alta) which was actually not bad but had been chopped up a bit since I was probably about 30 minutes late on the scene for it’s opening. The short cut through the trees to Alta as actually borderline horrific … lots of stumps & rocks, but once I made out in the clear, I had my first fresh line of the season!

Next time up I noticed a few people hanging out by the rope leading to Palmyra and stopped just below the ropeline and waited … lucky I did, since they dropped the rope within a few minutes. Immediately there was a wave of people at the top of lift 5 & I had to hurry to unstrap and climb up about 20 yards to get enough height. It all worked out well enough, since I had a completely fresh line coming down Palmyra (Henry’s)! There was definitely over a foot of snow … probably around 16-20 inches was my guess. Had to keep aware of crap underneath, but as long as I kept up my speed it wasn’t an issue. Did two more laps and the run was well tracked out by then.

It’s kind of funny, I was a hardcore “camper” for rope lines to drop back in the day … but haven’t quite been as vigilent on this front in recent years. So, it was kind of blind luck to be where I was when the rope dropped.

As fun as it was today, it’s still a slow climb out of a deep hole. I believe they were pretty much at the bare minimum depth to open what they did today. Given the relatively moderate pitch, it was doable; however, the same amount of snow on steeper aspects won’t be sufficient IMO. As much as I’m glad I was wrong about lift 5, I think we still need a good foot to open up some of the steeper runs at this point.

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