How much is a single day lift ticket in Telluride?

Since I have a season pass, I haven’t had the need to walk up to the window.  I purchased my pass in late October and haven’t bothered to look to see what the ski company is now charging for a single day lift ticket in Telluride.  I just read a story online about how Aspen’s single day rate of $124 is their highest ever fee for an adult, so was curious about what Telluride is charging this year.

So, I visited the official website of the ski company in Telluride and clicked on Season Passes & Lift Tickets: Lift Tickets and as of 12/23/13 Replica Handbags, there wasn’t a single day rate listed under any of the age brackets.  The fewest days listed was “2 Days” (which is $218 for both the “Online” and “Window” rate) and the most days in a multi-day ticket is 10 Days (offering the largest savings online for at $893 vs. $981 at the Window).

There’s a link to buy tickets online, which takes you to another page to start the sequence to purchase a ticket; however, there’s still not an option to buy a single day ticket on this subsequent page.  The first step asks for a “Start Date” Replica Handbags, since the online multi-day purchase rate requires 7-day advance purchase.  Obviously, I didn’t complete the transaction Replica Handbags, but was simply trying to be thorough in trying to locate a single day rate published on their website.

So what’s going on here?

Am I missing something?

I suppose it would be reasonable to assume the single day rate is at least $109 – given the two day rate being advertised as $218.  This is not to say the single day adult rate might not be higher.

It is very difficult for me to believe the omission of the single day rates was any sort of “oversight”.  My suspicion is that it may have been intentional cialis 5mg preise.  I’ve often read the hype about how any halfway savvy visitor doesn’t have to succumb to walking up to the window to make a single day purchase … since there are readily “deals which are out there” which make skiing Telluride affordable.    While there’s certain true (in a relative manner), it is my belief there exists a silent admission in such a position is that the single day rate may be perceived as being exorbitant.  Perhaps this has now been translated into an online marketing position which effectively seeks to make no mention of a single day rate … to somehow “mute” the immediate sticker shock by effectively burying the single day rate into a (simple) math problem for the website visitor.

I can’t say for certain one way or the other regarding the lack of publication of a single day rate, but just happen to think that access fees to ski areas have gotten out of hand.   While I do believe the hand of the free market ought to be allowed to move about freely in as many cases as possible (where it causes no substantial harm to the greater common good), a ski area operator is effectively a private/public partnership which utilizes public lands.  At some point, I believe the government needs to jump in and start to regulate pricing at ski areas if we are to keep access to public lands open and truly available to a sufficiently broad segment of the population in so far as not creating an insurmountable economic barrier to people of all walks of life … if we haven’t reach such a point already!

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