Current ski conditions / snow report for Telluride, Colorado

Good, but not great.

While I’ve definitely seen the snow conditions worse at this time of the year, most of the suspect locations on the ski mountain at the Telluride Ski Resort are a bit sketchy and deserve caution. The Telluride Trail is definitely icy in spots and can easily throw a surprise at you if you’re not paying attention and skiing or snowboarding with caution … especially at the end of the day with lots of skier traffic or if you’re a snowboarder riding on only a single edge.

This is not to say the ski company is not trying. In the photo below, you can see that the trees & trail signs in the foreground are caked with man made snow:

Below is a shot of Alias Alley (the old lift 6 line). You can barely make out the La Salles in the distance due to the glare, but it was a cold crisp and clear day on Christmas Eve.

Since this run is relatively steep, there are plenty of rocks and tree stumps sticking out among the moguls for the first 100yrds or so; however, it’s actually not that bad if you’re aware and able to anticipate. The remainder of the run is actually in superb early season conditions. This is the general trend of most of the mountain regarding very steep areas, chokes, and ridge lines (Gold Hill in particular) being a bit bar or variable … while moving into the mid sections the snow coverage is actually pretty decent for this time of year.

Skiing or snowboarding in the trees is going to be sketchy as well. With a 32-35″ base, I’ve still been hitting all kinds of rocks and fallen trees and have mostly been avoiding any serious excursions into the woods.

Groomed runs on lifts 4 and 5 are in excellent shape, but the crowds are taking shape at the ski area during the holidays. Nonetheless, it should be relatively better than most other major resorts.

I think another 12″ blast of new snow and we’re off to the races!

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