Another Telski Rant

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with (currently primary) Raynaud’s disease as of this summer. I experienced many symptoms starting about a year ago, but they progressed and kind of leveled off this past spring. We’ll see how things progress this winter … since cold weather makes things worse.

As far as my ability to snowboard, I was definitely affected last season; however, it was more of a nuisance with an occasional severe flare-up which caused me to stay away from snowboarding for a day or two. Mostly, it would be one of my big toes which would incur some sharp pains … similarly on my very lower shins.

I’m hoping (and praying) that I’ll be able to at least be able to participate at this level for the upcoming season, but it’s still a big question mark. Sadly, “career” may be over and my Bonfire shell may have to be raised up into the rafters along with all my boards … only to serve as decoration and a memory of what once was!

However, my demise has yet to come to be. This is where the “problem” with Telski comes into the picture. I have 8 days left to take advantage of the early bird rate of $1,200 for a season pass. I just called their office this morning and asked if I was unable to continue (with a doctor’s note) to snowboard at some point in the season could I get a pro-rated refund? The answer was yet, but it would be a CREDIT! This would be fair enough if blew out an ACL and knew I’d be back up next year, but if I can’t make it this year chances are I won’t be able to EVER snowboard again. I was told I could use the credit for golf.

I don’t believe there was a “credit only” policy in the past. This seems very unfair to me, but I suppose there will be some who will tell me to quit whining and be glad Telski is willing to give me SOMETHING! There are actually quite a few Telluride Ski and Golf Company apologists out there these days with respect to bad policy … it’s unfortunate, but to be expected.

If I’m forced to play golf (and rub elbows with those who pass one another Gray Poupon), I may have to print up some creative custom t-shirts to exercise my first amendment rights.

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