Another Telluride Ski Area Snow Report Update

I was finally able to make up for a few runs yesterday at the Telluride Ski Resort after having been sick for over a week. This was my 11th day on the mountain snowboarding this season. I almost wrote “unfortunately” (since I would normally have about 40 days in by now), but realized it’s probably 11 more days than most people on this planet have spent snowboarding at Telluride!

Overall, the conditions are excellent. I was only able to take a few runs … didn’t want to push it and stay sick for another week.

Milk Run is FINALLY open (and to the public no less)! There was about 2′ of excellent fresh powder on skier’s left (almost all natural, no man made on this side of the run). This was my first run of the day after having ridden up lift 7 first thing … figured it be worth it to check out, and it did pay off. Then rode up lift 8 & 9 and took a run down local’s. Even though it’s now named Captain Jack, in memory of Jack Carey who passed away this past summer, I’m having a hard time changing names. Regardless of what you call it, there was some great snow in there and all the way down the rest of the bottom of West Drain. I took lift 9 back up again and took a run down one of the Mammoth fingers (pictured above) and over to a treeline near the stairs. I decided my body had enough and snowboarded down to the top of Riley’s … which was in excellent shape without any hard moguls. Getting first tracks of the season on Riley’s is very similar to doing the same on Lower Plunge in so far as there being an absence of large hard bumps.

The Telluride Ski Area definitely received a boost from the past week week of snowstorms, and moved up a couple (or even a few) notches in terms of coverage … especially in the trees. However, we weren’t really hammered in so far as putting us over the top. Speaking with a few people from Rico, they apparently received about 2x the amount of snow which fell in Telluride. This has been a very common trend over the past few years. A related trend which I’ve discussed with my neighbor is that in the past four years, we haven’t really ever received a multiple foot 24hr dump. This is not to say we haven’t exceeded two feet of snow over the course of a storm, but we have yet to wake up and get to go out and ski or snowboard on bottomless snow (at least lift served) in Telluride.

This morning, the Telluride Ski Resort is reporting 11″ for the past 24hrs. It’s possible, but I do know it was very windy last night … at least in Ophir, so I’m sure the snow will be variable, but good.

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