Jet Service To Telluride (TEX)?!?

I took a look at the Telski website today to check the snow report (which happens to be 3″ in 24 hours and 6″ over 48 hours” — which by the way is DEFINITELY the short end of the stick relative to the Colorado region), and saw some very interesting photos … one of which was a sort of close up of a large commercial jet which I believe was at the airport in Montrose (MTJ). It couldn’t be at the Telluride Airport (TEX), unless there was some special permit issued or such … given there’s not commercial jet service to the Telluride Aiport.

What struck me about the photo is:

– it was very good
– all other photos in the rotation where excellent as well
– it was easy to allow one’s mind to create the illusion it was a “big airport”

Reasons for that last point:

– the way the MTJ terminal is pictured in the background offers the possibility that it’s one section of a much larger terminal
– same as above, there’s an airplane pictured in the background which is far off in the distance (photo’d???) with a take-off trajectory (as if there’s lots of jet activity at MTJ)
– there are light poles and a service vehicle in the background …as if there’s a large “complex” in the background
– the text blurb super imposed on the photo mentions “Telluride”, but not “Montrose”

NOW, anyone who’s ever flew into Telluride knows they haven’t flown in on a jet of that size. Similarly, anyone who’s ever flown into Montrose knows that it’s a tiny little airport. It’s just one building, one counter, one conveyor belt (luggage), and almost exclusively serves smaller aircraft such as the regional jet and turbo props. The larger jet service is much less frequent and typically seasonal to select cities.

From a PR point of view, I give this photo a 10 out of 10.

From a buyer beware point of view: this is an extremely misleading photo if you’re considering air travel to Telluride or Montrose … as it’s not a “typical reflection”. It’s akin to that “front page best face” photo you’ll find in a real estate listing of a property, only to find yourself saying “ohhhhhh, so THAT’S the photo” once you get to the property in person.

This is not to say either the Telluride or Montrose airports are not viable choices for air travel to the region (as well as Durango, Grand Junction, Cortez, and even Aspen for direct jet service), it’s just that I believe that photos is an overstatement of the facts (at least the facts based on a statistical average).

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