Buffalo’d by Telluride Blues & Brews: Buffalo Springfield Bumped From Telluride

Haven’t been writing much these days, but this particular issue deserves dusting off the keyboard:

An offer by a promoter to schedule a concert by Buffalo Springfield in Telluride Town Park a week prior to the Telluride Blues & Brews festival was shot down by the Telluride Town Council after pleas by Telluride Blues & Brews promoter Steve Gumble.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over this — not the fact that Buffalo Springfield will not be coming to Telluride — but rather that Telluride Blues & Brews apparently took the lead in pulling the plug. This incident has single handedly turned me off to this festival for a LONG time! It may never be known whether they’ve “saved some revenue” from being lost to Buffalo Springfield, but I won’t be running to buy tickets from them anytime soon!

This could’ve been a mutually beneficial back to back pair of weekend events which would give the ENTIRE Town of Telluride a much needed shot in the arm during uncertain economic times. Instead, it looks like fear wins out cialis in usa.

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