Yonder Mountain String Band @ TBF

YMSB is playing tonight up at the conference center in the Telluride Mountain Village.     They have kind of made a tradition of playing up there on the Wednesday night before the Telluride Bluegrass Festival starts for a number of years now.  I want to say about 8 years.   I saw them last year up in the village and had a great time.   This year, I might  go see Joint Point who is playing at the Fly Me To The Moon Saloon in town; however, my cousin is visiting from AZ on route to Glenwood Springs, so I don’t think he’s up for going there.

Anyhow, as you can see below, the final touches are all in place (or at least should be).  The photo below was taken under the tent where they physically check your wristbands to gain entry into the actual music venue.  They do a visual check in between the Box Office and the bridge which crosses the San Miguel River leading into Telluride Town Park.  You can see the KOTO (local community radio station) beer booth which is located on the basketball court in the background to the right.

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