It happened Again

I forgot to put my battery in the camera from the charger.

Must’ve been a subconcious thing … since I do find that when I’m at a concert with my camera, I tend to fluctuate from being an audience member participant to a “camera person”. While sometimes it’s very non-obtrusive, it can be a distraction. Often times, I will measure how good a concert is by how few pictures I’ve taken (the fewer the better).

Anyhow, I went for a great hike in the afternoon in Ophir … so I wound up catching Mumford & Sons and the Telluride House Band (Sam, Bela, Edgar, Jerry, Bryan, and Stuart) which closed the evening & bluegrass festival.

Mumford & Sons was a fun set. The were very tight & and had a good energy to them. I suppose my one “complaint” would be the lack of a true lead instrument as I found them to be very rhythmically oriented. Maybe this is my personal taste, but I’ve often found that bands such as the Grateful Dead (and most subsequent incarnations) seem to be comprised of melodic musicians who do not stick to just the “traditional” rhythm role and are often able to create a “composite” sound which captures both aspects in a way which truly elevates the spirit of the tune. Nonetheless, I still tought M&S delivered a very fun set … especially the closing song “Hey Jude” where they brought on a lot of other musicians & got the crowd involved.

The Telluride House Band was of course a great ensemble who featured another surprise guest of Peter Rowan for a couple of songs. This is the first time I can recall him sticking around until SUNDAY to sit in with the house band … would’ve loved to have seen him for the full set. They opened with Slewfoot … which was a great, played a few traditional bluegrass songs, a few quirky fun songs, as well as a few “experimental” type journeys which were taken for a walk in the woods.

Kind of funny how immediately after they ended their set, the lights came on and you could see all the trash around, people filing out, crews taking down the stage, vendors closing up … it became the Telluride Town Park again, but in need of a clean up. Kind of sad, as it is the point in time with the longest wait for the next Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 361 days.

UPDATE:   I learned it was Peter Rowan’s 30th time attending the festival, so this might explain why he stuck around until the end.  Also, forgot to mention my favorite John Hartford song Aereo-Plain was played by the house band’s closing set … very very VERY cool!!!!!  Here’s a link to an older version with none other than the maestro himself leading the charge (along with Tony Rice, Mark O’Connor, Brent Rowan, Matt Rollings, Jerry Douglas, Glenn Wor, Harry Stinson, and the late Vassar Clements on fiddle):

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