Forgot My Camera Yesterday

… actually I had forgotten to replace the batter after re-charging it, so no photos or video clips of the Bluegrass Festival today.

I basically saw everything from Yonder Mountain String Band until the closing act … which was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

YMSB was great, as always.

Bela Fleck, Azkir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer were a nice departure from the traditional bluegrass ensembles. I like when music goes sideways.

Sam Bush Band was a great set highlighted by Peter Rowan’s guest appearance as a sit in … which, if I recall correctly, we’ve rarely seen over the years. He seems to always get an early slot and then disappears for the rest of the festival. I believe he sat in for “One Love” which came right after a great version of Maggie Mae. Of course, Sam always gets everyone else up on stage for great jam.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: a mixed bag for me: on one hand, I REALLY liked some of the music they put out, but I have a very difficult time wholeheartedly buying into their “schtick”. Maybe it’s just me & just being someone who doesn’t like being “told what to do” (stand up, sit down, clap your hands, chant this or that, etc.) by performers … especially when it’s scripted. If it happens organically, then it’s another story. Maybe it all started this way with the Zeros, but it really seems to border on being a “revival” sort of thing. Otherwise, they put together some great arrangements which very rhythmically oriented & seemed to use vocals (from at least three primary vocalists) as the primary “melodic instrument of choice”. Personally, I think the addition of a lead guitar (or electric mando) would give them a HUGE boost to dial in their overall sound … although I can see how they might be hesitant to adopt this for a number of reasons. Strangely enough, I know — without hesitation — that I could be fill that slot very easily. It seems to want to have a psychedelic flare which goes around and around, yet PUSHES and INTERACTS with the larger sound. It’s kind of weird, they’d probably be just as adverse to having me do my thing with them as I would be to being a part of the “schtick” … but I would venture a guess that we’d all be blown away.

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