All Is Quiet On The Telluride Ski Area’s Eastern Front

… at least for now, but the silence is almost deafening with respect to the potential implications regarding what wheels might be turning behind the doors of the Telluride Ski & Golf Company’s administrative offices regarding plans for a possible expansion into Bear Creek.

Earlier this spring, there was what appeared to be some high stakes jockeying for position for what might be crucial land for egress in Bear Creek by both Telski and an individual (Tom Chapman) who has apparently been involved in other high profile real estate inholding “controversies” (within National Forest Service boundaries).

According to a story which appeared in The Telluide Watch on May 14, 2010: “TSG Asset Holding, LLC purchased the 4.11-acre parcel known as the Dandy Lode from Fern M. Honstein of Grand Junction in early April for $24,700, according to documents recorded with the San Miguel County Clerk’s Office on April 5.”

Dave Riley, CEO of the Telluride Ski & Golf company, didn’t appear to be committed to an expansion, but also left the option open for his company to pursue and also went on record to state that this purchase and that which was related to Tom Chapman were coincidental.

Personally, I do NOT believe in coincidence as a general matter, let alone in this particular instance. I firmly believe there is “movement behind the curtains”. Moreover, I believe there is a clear intention which motivates such possible planning efforts; combined with an agenda which seeks to protect and further it’s own interests, it might be reasonable to assume such efforts might be presented to the National Forest Service in such a manner that provides the best possible odds to achieving the end goals of their particular special interests. This might be a long drawn out way of putting that Telski might seek the best pathway for approval of any plans they might have. In other words, the silence might very well be a tactic to insure public outcry doesn’t kill any plans before they get off the drawing board.

Regardless of any speculation, if you feel strongly opposed to an expansion in Bear Creek by the ski area, the time is NOW to talk with your neighbors, family, and friends … anyone who will listen …. since we might find ourselves in a position where there is not much time to talk and be heard!

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