Telluride Airport (TEX) – June 27, 1997

  I was digging through some old photos of Telluride and came across this one of the Telluride Airport (TEX), taken on June 27, 1997 with a very old Olympus digital camera. In fact, it was my first digital camera ... which I believe had a 2/3 (that's two thirds) megapixel sensor. The airport at Telluride has been a subject in the newspapers recently ... since an intermediate renovation phase was recently completed. I believe that after the third and final phase is complete, there will have been over $55 million spent on the project ... which improves it's FAA rating & allows a larger commercial aircraft to land at TEX (the airport in Telluride). It's but one piece of what some view as a puzzle to "grow Telluride" by increasing capacity and…

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The Solstice In Telluride

I always consider the winter solstice a very pivotal mark in time. The longer days and more direct sunlight are much welcomed. You can see in the photo below (taken at about 2:50 MST), the sunlight is just barely visible on the upper portion of the building to the left:   In the middle of summer, you can be sitting on the bench in town and receiving direct sunlight well into the evening. While we'll definitely see cold and snowy days well into May in Telluride (especially in Ophir), there's something about having passed the winter solstice which makes me feel optimistic. For whatever reason, December 22 is somehow seems to be "moving forward" while December 20 it on a downslope. I suppose the trick is still being able to live each day…

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Gorge in Bear Creek Near Telluride

  Here's a shot of a lower "gorge" like area in Bear Creek. Not exactly sure how it all came to be in geological terms; however, it appears to be a very narrow crevasse type rock formation which has highly constricted water flow and pressure which ultimately pools at the bottom of this drop of about fifteen feet. The pool area appears to go a bit deeper than the runout beyond. I'm guessing the pressure of the water flow somehow dug into the sediment.  

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Photo Of Sunshine Mountain During Sunset

  Sunshine Mountain can be seen in the background at the bottom right of the photo -- taken during a recent sunset from a spot in old Ophir. It is visible to the west from many locations in the Ophir. Last summer I hiked almost to the treeline of Sunshine, which has great views of Ophir looking back to the east. There's an old overgrown switchback entrance off of the galloping goose trail which fizzles out into a single track eventually ... which doesn't last very long and you bushwack and follow animal trails from there on out. The general idea is to stay near the ridgeline without drifting to far away, but it's actually a fairly wide ridgeline "strip" up to treeline ... so you can meander around a bit. There's some…

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Fall Creek Colors

  This was take out of my car window, I believe near the Vandium clean-up site (in between Fall Creek & Telluride) over a week ago on September 30th. I wonder if there's more to what's going on there than is being officially stated (and there are radioactive concerns known to the public to begin with)? In any case, the fall colors were just about peaking at that time; however, a couple weather fronts with high winds which moved in since have claimed the leaves on a large number of Aspen trees ... which I believe encroached on the true "peak window" this season. In particular, we never quite had that full spectrum of colors present at a single time. Instead, many leaves first turned yellow, then were blown off the trees ...…

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Hiking in Ophir: Some Comparisons With Telluride

Hiking in Ophir, Colorado is similar to that of Telluride, but there are some differences. In particular, the northern side of the ophir valley has a much more sustained steep pitch from top to bottom. With the exception of Stroudsberg basin (directly to the west of Spring Gulch) and near the Carbonero mine, most of the terrain on the north side of ophir goes straight up from the valley floor without much in the way of benches. On the other hand, in Telluride, there is a distinct bench on the northern side of town which can be found in most areas above the cliffband visible from town. There are also larger, more expansive basins up at higher elevations on the northern side of the Telluride valley floor. So, if you're hiking on Ophir's…

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Papa Mali & Bill Kreutzman at Telluride Cajun Festival

Papa Mali & Bill Kreutzman played at the Telluride Cajun Festival last evening on main street. While it wasn't exactly a free concert on The Haight, you could still see the show from the sidewalk for free or from the patios of the various restaurants immediately next door.   They opened up with Bertha and played for well over two hours without a set break ... which included many extended jams, covering: I Know You Rider, Mr. Charlie, Lovelight, Death Don't Have Know Mercy (and upbeat Mississippi 1/2 step sounding version), and many others ... most of which were arranged in a new & extended manner.    

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Ophir Avalanche Video

I've found imovie on my macbook to be a very easy way to upload short video clips taken from my point & shoot (Canon Powershot) to youtube. Below is a 35 second video clip of an avalanche triggered by explosives dropped from a helicopter above Ophir, Colorado on January 8, 2008: I believe they were able to make two slides run on a Tuesday -- when the weather finally broke -- after having the road into Ophir closed since the previous Saturday night when a natural release down the St. Louis slide path blocked the road.  

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Happy 4th of July in Telluride

Thousands of visitors have descended upon Telluride for the Fourth of July celebration and are enjoying weather which finally resembles summer! Here's a shot of a lemonade stand at the Telluride Farmer's market on July 3rd:   Fireworks are scheduled to begin later on this evening after dark ... always a great show in the box canyon of Telluride.  

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Photos of Telluride Bluegrass Festival Campground

  The festivarians have arrived in Telluride Town Park.   Many campers had arrived about a week prior to the start of the Telluride Bluegrass festival and have quite elaborate campsite setups including couches, stoves, full bars, etc. I noticed a sign which said everything needs to be removed by the monday after the festival by noon ... ouch!  

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