Peter Rowan Video Clip – Land of the Navajo

Below is a very short video clip of Peter Rowan and Crucial Country (with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and Edgar Meyer). Peter Rowan is my favorite returning recurring performer at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and it's great to see him organize a "super group" of sorts. The intro on Land of the Navajo gives this one away every time.

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Beaver Ponds in Ophir

Here's a shot of the beaver ponds just to the Ophir Pass side of "east ophir" taken a few days ago.   You can see East Ophir in the background. There is actually a National Forest Service remediation site very near this area.  There is a relatively large pile of mine tailings located sufficiently close to the South Fork river.  So, they are going to condense the tailings material into a large pile and "ecapsulate" the pile with material and vegetation ... while also engineering proper drainage.  

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Summer In Ophir

Is often referred to as being two months surrounded by winter; however, we've finally received a solid two weeks of warm sunny weather. I've programmed in both Telluride and Ophir into my iTouch's weather app. and have noticed what I've known all along. Telluride's temperatures are on average about 6 degrees warmer than Ophir. Below is a shot taken in the center of "Old Ophir" (west Ophir) looking to the north with Spring Gulch in the background.    

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Ophir Pass

According to the San Miguel County website, Ophir Pass is currently closed (as well as Imogene Pass and Black Bear Pass). I did see a jeep tour ride come down the pass yesterday, but they very well could've drove a ways up and turned around.  Apparently, the hold up is due to downed trees vs. an overabundance of snowfall.  Here is a photo I took of the pass yesterday.  There is still plenty of snow visible at the higher elevations.  I'm sure there's a fairly tall shaved wall of snow at the summit.  

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Summer’s Here & The Time Is Right

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We've finally received an extended blast of warm dry weather which has introduced the summer season in Telluride.   I took a very short hike up Bear Creek yesterday.  Below is a shot of the rock outcropping which is situated just above the lowest waterfall in Bear Creek (which can be accessed via Telluride Town Park Campground):

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Telluride Phish Tickets and Powder Day

Today was day 42 for me, which was both a powder day and the when local's tix went on sale. I chose to suit up and wait in line and go snowboarding afterward. I think ther was only 4 new inches of fresh snow, so it wasn't exactly the biggest powder day in Telluride this ski season. The shot below was after getting to the home stretch for Phish tickets in Telluride. They required locals to actually line up and present proof of residency in order to purchased from the special allotment.  

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Milk Run at Telluride Ski Area

Yesterday was my 41st birthday and also was day 27 snowboarding at Telluride for the ski season. I believe it was my fifth day in a row, a record for a very slow paced year which has been plagued with health issues. Nonetheless, I consider myself lucky and happy to get up there when I have had the chance. I took a close-up of the fence on skier's right on Milk Run. While I respect ski racers and can certainly appreciate their skill and dedication, it is definitely not my bag. Maybe I might even excel at snowboarding (or even skiing) competitions; however, I can't begin to describe the thrill of simply riding for it's own sake. Free ride, free mountain.   Before Milk Run was hi-jacked and turned into a racing venue…

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Baked In Telluride: Close Up Of Fire Debris

Here are a couple pictures of the aftermath of the Baked In Telluride fire I've been meaning to post. While it's great to hear Jerry Greene (owner) planning for the future, it is still sad to see the old building go. You can click on photos to see full size.    

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Revelation Bowl at Telluride Ski Area

  The shot above was taken from about 2/3 way down the Revelation Bowl lift area at Telluride yesterday. It was my ninth day out this season and 2nd after the new year. Of the nine days I've been out, most have been about 1-2 hrs with about 4-6 runs per day. Normally by now, I'd have about 30+ days on the mountain this season; however, with my health being the way it is, I've gotten off to a very slow start. Nonetheless, I consider myself very luck to simply suit up and make some turns! "Revvy" as I heard someone refer to the revelation lift affectionately (which I will NEVER hold with), was actually in fairly decent shape. You can see there's a natural drainage (actually two of them) which starts in…

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