Aspen Mountain Re-Opens For Skiing & Snowboarding

I was pleasantly surprised (but not floored) to read that Ajax is currently open this weekend for skiing and snowboarding on limited terrain! Still contemplating making the 4hr+ drive early in the morning tomorrow, but the limited hours (10am – 1pm) makes it kind of difficult to leave at 6am and get in my full nickel’s worth. I don’t know if I’d want to leave today and have to be immersed in the summer tourist season and high prices (there’s a food and wine festival going on now)? So, we’ll see. Lift served access is still an option in June!

Would the Telski ever do something like this? I’ve lived here since ’95 and have NEVER seen any sort of extension of the ski season, so I’m not holding my breath. While I haven’t gotten an up close look, my guess is that lifts 4 & 9 are probably both sitting pretty good in terms of snow near the top stations with decent pathways coming down. Even if it’s sketchy today, it was probably very doable in mid May.

So, what does this all say? Has Aspen come full circle after its build out? Is Telluride still just keeping it’s head down and putting one development foot after another without any regard for the soul which has kept this town together? Will it take a complete gutting of the community before Telski offers up the goods? Cynical? Maybe. But we’ve been dropped many a clue over the course of Dave Riley’s tenure at the helm of Telski …. the delayed opening of lift 9, removal of automatic end of season retro bonus for Telski employees, and even the opening of new hike-to terrain tells a certain story if you read between the lines.

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